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You set the TV volume at a comfortable level and then hit a commercial break and an annoying ad starts blaring away at a much higher volume forcing you to either bear it out or use the remote when you shouldn't really have to. This is a very annoying issue for a lot of viewers, especially considering how annoying & retarded some of the ads on Indian TV can be.

Apparently we're not alone, the UK is finally planning to fix this annoyance, wonder if it'll ever happen in India.


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If the proposal is accepted..

expect strong resistance to that. They kicked up such a stink about devices that could skip through thier ads in consumer devices that it was impossible to even sell them. I'm referring to what happened in the west.

Things like myth tv and the like only 0.01% of the viewers can figure out and then your enterntainment bill got a bit more pricey anyway.

The UK is unique in that it charges a TV licence, that means channels like the BEEB go ad free. It also allows to a certain extent slightly more neutral reporting since commerical interests aren't as heavily vested in it.

This is certainly not the case in India. Now there are certainly ad channels in the UK too, but i think its the mix of tv license & other that maybe gives the brits a little bit more to bargain with. See there are other ad-free channels there already and rather good they are too.

We have a more American model (with a lot less broadcast over the air for free), so it needs to be understood that we are not the customers here, we are the product. The customers are the companies that sponsor the broadcasts. It's their money that allows tv companies to show us the goods,

All our scubscriptions do is allow the guys who give us the feed to maintain their end. More eyeballs, the more the tv companies can charge for ads, or if they are less successful, the cheaper and more often we get to see those ads.

I don't bother with tv much, or if i need to, i record it and watch it later where i can just >> past the ads, they take up nearly a 1/4 of the time. I find this proportion to be on the high side when compared with other western countries i have lived in. It reaches ridiculous levels during cricket broadcasts, football at least is bearable.

Who do we complain to..TRAI ?

Who represents us otherwise ?