Travelogue: Sunday Morning drive through the Varandha & Ambenali Ghats


As i had already covered Malshej Ghat couple of weeks ago(photolog coming up shortly), this Sunday morning i again decided to go out for a long drive. My plan was to go to see the Raigarh fort, but after completing the fantastic Varandha Ghat stretch, i made a quick snap decision. I wanted more ghat driving :smile: and vola instead of turning right towards Raigarh, i turn left for Mahabaleshwar via Ambenali Ghat!

Route followed: Pune - Nh4 - Kapurhol - Bhor - Varandha Ghat - Nh17 - Poladpur - Ambaneili Ghat - Mahabaleshwar - Panchgani - Wai - Suror - Nh4 - Pune. Total distance traveled 340 Kms.

Highlights of the Journey: Having piping hot Pakodas at Tea point (top of Varandha Ghat). Both ghats have winding roads, but i liked Varandha ghat road more in terms of driving pleasure. The Ambaneili Ghat(Mahablaehswar) even though is more winding & goes up higher, it much easier to drive since the road is very wide.

Disappointment: Seeing so much tourist crowd in Mahabaleshwar, i didn't even bother to stop for looking at any 'points' etc. Perhaps i wanted too much peace on quiet and that too on a Sunday. Hence no photographs of Mahabaleshwar points.

With this i can safely say that the western ghats have been conquered. It will be difficult to find new challenges in the Sahyadris!!

P.S: Most of the photo's have been taken by me while driving. I will strictly not recommend / encourage this art to the new drivers or should i say the less experienced drivers, especially in the ghats. One wrong move and its all over.

Photo Album - Imgur

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