Trai Sets Standards For Broadband


Dec 14, 2005
This is from an article from the indian express on TRAI seeting some quality of service standards on indian broadband providers.

NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 6: The telecom regulatory authority is now prodding Internet Service Providers (ISP) to pull up their socks. With the number of broadband connections growing from 50,000 in 2004 to over 1.7 million in August 2006, the number of complaints about service quality has also been rising.

As a result, ISPs that take advance payment for a new connection must get the service up and running within 15 days, and ensure it works for over 90 per cent of the time every quarter. Beginning September 2007, this will be raised to 98 per cent of the time for all users.

In addition, the speed of the connection must immediately be over 80 per cent of the speed a subscriber is paying for, and ISPs are also not to run a \"congested'' broadband network, without providing for additional broadband to help them meet the above criteria.

Trai has decided that over 90 per cent of the customers of an ISP must be \"satisfied\" with the service over a quarter. In addition, more than 90 per cent of customers must also be satisfied with the billing and customer service quality provided. Any shortfalls on these criteria will make the ISP fall in Trai's quarterly rating of broadband services.


Now, we can hope for some better quality broadband from these isps.... :)


Oct 2, 2005
Its not wrong to keep hopes...but I have my doubts...How would an ISP be affected by TRAI ratings if it is the only one in a particular area??The core issue here is availabilty of choice....which currently only few places are enjoying.Actually TRAi should be speaking about revoking their licenses or levying other penalties , if they fail to meet service criteria....that will make servces better


no fate but what we make
Aug 26, 2005
Heh! ....and so the mice decided on an important meeting about the cat, thinking of elaborate strategies to keep track so it doesnt come to eat them up. And finally the most brilliant idea was to put a bell around its neck, which would ring & sound the alert, when the cat moved.But who would bell the cat??? :p :DDoes it matter if the trp ratings of the ISP goes down??? When we dont even have a choice between ISP's (just like there is no choice in voting for equally corrupt politicians), the above exercise is a waste....why am I not surprised? lol


Oct 6, 2005
This is awesome news! Now I can threaten my ISP if I dont get 80% or more of the promised speed! But then again, my connection doesnt classify as a broadband connection :(