Oct 29, 2004
TRAI MyCall Application will help Mobile phone users to rate their experience about voice call quality in real time and help TRAI gather customer experience data along with Network data.

Key Features

a. Real time rating pop up after calls (user configurable layout)
b. Historical & summarized feedback data
c. Feature to rate a call later from History; ability to rate multiple calls together
d. Map based feedback dashboards on the app
e. Configurable rating frequency settings & data sync settings
f. Hindi language support synchronized based on phone language setting
g. Option for users to mark call as dropped or poor network
h. Option for users to provide additional information such as background noise or
audio delay

Benefit to Citizens

a. Ability to provide real time Feedback
b. Transparent TSP Data
c. Crowd sourced data from different locations and TSPs to help in decision making

Benefit to TRAI

a. Real Time Feedback
b. TSP Performance Monitoring
c. Public Data Source
TRAI MyCALL - Android Apps on Google Play