Total by Hike


Oct 29, 2004
Introducing ‘Total, built by hike’, a refined version of Android to bring the next billion people…

It has 4 key elements to it that combined together make the end to end experience extremely seamless:

Single Login: A Single Login via the Phone Number for all of Total services such as Messaging, News, Horoscope, Recharge, Wallet, Cricket Scores and Rail information.
Light Services < 100 kb to 1 MB: Services on ‘Total, built by hike’ take between < 100 kb to 1 MB ensuring a lightweight footprint on the device.
Works without Data: All of the services built on Total can be accessed even without Data via proprietary technology. Developed in-house, the proprietary technology, based on the USSD protocol does the heavy lifting of encrypting, compressing and transmitting data. It has effectively supercharged USSD to help bring an uninterrupted experience to the users even an active data connection
Sachet Data Packs: Users will be able to purchase Sachet Data Packs starting as low as Re. 1 from inside the Total experience itself with the goal of lowering the cost of access and introducing people to data.
TOTAL built by hike - Works without data
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