Torrenting Problem on Spectra

I was just changing few things on my network and thought i would test this.

Linux ISO image ubuntu / Kali both reach speeds over 600mbps (3 torrents loaded at a time different versions / architectures). Long back without VPN on windows i had issues downloading ISO over spectra but looks like its not a issue anymore.

Tried few very well seeded public torrents to see if that would cause any problems too and they can easily cross 300-500mbps barrier.

Is anyone here still facing an issue?

If you're here are few things i'd recommend (mostly for qbittorrent similar settings should be available on other clients too) if don't ever want to use a VPN which you should!

Go to settings --> Connection
  • Set "Peer Connection Protocol" to TCP (default is TCP and uTP) this should get rid most of the slow seeding peers and local cached peers which for some reason get limited to <8mbps not sure why.
  • Setting a static ip for your device with a manually forwarded port instead of upnp is usually better (i didn't do it with this test it managed just fine though it failed to forward ports after client restarts. But it didn't matter much since most peers i wanted to connect already had their ports forwarded and had enough peers) especially if you're trying to get a not so well seeded torrent

Go to settings --> Speed.
* under Rate Limit Settings Disable / uncheck all the rate limit options

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Any solution to this problem?

I have a 1gbps spectra plan @1249+18% and more or less happy with it (other than occasional torrents download, it used to work till last month).

Should I take a 399 Jio fiber plan in addition to spectra for occasional torrents download.

* I have subscription of almost all services in India incl. Netflix but sometimes, it is convenient to download and watch on my desktop.