To Dos and Don'ts

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If you are new to forums, here is the primary thing you need to know. This is not Facebook or Twitter or even Reddit that you might have used over the years. This is a traditional old fashion bulletin board style discussion forum with a small moderation team. Everything you post here is visible to everyone and if it disrupts the sanctity of this platform, it would be moderated. You are advised to treat other members with respect.

If your account gets restricted or banned because of violation of these simple guidelines... I would not be responding to any communication associated to related moderation action.

  • Don't quote entire posts (especially longer ones) if you are responding to a specific part of the post. Select the relevant part of the post and click on the hovering reply link. Avoid quoting at all if there is an active conversation because members would know what is being discussed without requiring a reference. Ignoring this would get you banned pretty fast.
  • Try to post the link instead of sharing the image directly. It should embed automatically. BBCODE also works fine but does not point to the result page. Other speed testing services do not provide a similar image for embed. Try posting raw values instead of posting the screenshot of entire browser page unless non-speed data is also essential in conversation.
  • Paste tabular and textual data instead of uploading/share an image (This applies to all kinds of scenarios like ping tests, trace route,, router backend information, plans listed on ISP websites, content on websites and emails and so on).
  • While posting screenshots, try to capture the actual useful content instead of sharing an image of the entire desktop/app.
  • Be clear in your thread title and posts. Do not post same questions/queries in multiple threads. Do not abuse the profile or personal messages for the same purpose.
  • Avoid pasting content formatting while copying content from third party sites. Desktop browsers allow Control+Shift+V for plain text pasting.
  • If posting information from an external source, do not copy and paste the entire article. Post an excerpt. Always link to the source. Some sources are best avoided for sharing information here like Telecom Talk, Dream DTH, Kerala Telecom and a few others.
  • Best to search before sharing something that you think is brand-new information. Forum would suggest related posts when you are typing the thread title for a new thread.
  • Just avoid uploading images that have no long term value using the internal attachment system. Such as tracking information of online orders, memes and so on. This feature is mostly disabled on most accounts here at the moment.
  • Keep the forwarded shit from Whatsapp on Whatsapp.
Not allowed
  1. Affiliate Links
  2. Advertisements and other forms of promotions
  3. Competing platforms like Telegram Groups and forums
  4. Copyright infringing content and platforms
  5. Trolling/Hate/Abusive language/Personal attacks/Rudeness/Unreasonable behavior. Just try to not be annoying.
  6. Useless signatures
  7. Shortened links

This is just a gist of the previous thread that I usually link to for terms of use on this platform. For more details, go through this thread: Disclaimer - Privacy Policy - Rules - Regulations

If you want to hide offtopic forums, you can turn on this setting. Access to offtopic forums is also restricted based on user activity in these sections.

Things to know​

  • Features like personal conversations are restricted on new accounts. Ask the other member to start conversation if it's enabled on their account.
  • Native uploading is mostly disabled for now. There is an option to donate which gets you that feature along with ad free UI. To share images etc, use third party sites. Suggestions here.
  • If there is a conversation going on about a legit service or product, try to stay away if the only comment you can offer is "why pay when you can pirate".
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