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Samsung reportedly launching Tizen-based phones on NTT DoCoMo in 2013

According to Japan's Daily Yomiuri, NTT DoCoMo is parterning with Samsung to develop phones running the open-source Tizen operating system, with the first handsets reaching the market next year. According to the Yomiuri, other mobile carriers are also getting behind the development of Tizen because they "fear the hegemony" of Apple and Google. We've heard about Tizen as far back as September of 2011 -- this Linux-based (and Intel-backed) software came about when Nokia 's MeeGo OS bit the dust, and we've already seen evidence of a Tizen-based Galaxy S III.


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One of my relative who works for Tizen development told that their development completion deadline is in September. We might get Tizen phones by December. Also heard that Samsung has plans to launch Ubuntu Touch devices.


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Tizen has been further delayed due to some issue with hardware. According to my source they have moved away from Exynos to Qualcomm Snapdragon. Around 6 months development was wasted it seems. Android apps compatibility and desktop mode is on hold now. Will be launched in CES/MWC.
Galaxy S5 is two months away.


So the reports claim that the newly signed patent deal between Samsung and Google means that Samsung would stop concentration on Tizen and might even shut it down completely.
It is also likely to affect Motorola operations because Samsung is probably not happy with the attention it is getting.