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MeeGo is dead: Meet Tizen, another new open source OS based on Linux | This is my next...

The Linux Foundation will host the project, and a steering group lead by Intel and Samsung will lead the development of Tizen. Also joining the effort is the LiMo Foundation, a dedicated consortium with shared leadership and decision making consisting of ACCESS, Panasonic Mobile, NEC Casio, NTT DoCoMo, Samsung, SK Telecom, Telefonica, and Vodafone.

What the F.

I understand the need to stop reliance upon Android because of the Google factor. But seriously... Samsung? How many mobile platforms are they going to support!


Currently they support android, bada, limo, WM, symbian, non smartphones :p


WTF the speedtest pic is not showing stats :p



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Couldn't they support platforms that currently under development like KDE Plasma Mobile [Kubuntu Mobile] instead of creating a new OS?


they already have meego and they are discarding it. right? they are aiming to create a platform that is focused on web apps. something that webos originally was said to be focused on. this is good actually. native apps are becoming a nuisance. web apps are cool. develop one version and it works on multiple devices. funny enough... Microsoft is betting on HTML5 for Windows 8. Intel is betting on HTML5 for Tizen. Google is still largely stuck with Java on Android. Android's browser still struggles to compete against the browser that ships with the iPhone .


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There is a gloom in the silverlight forums as ms switched to html5Interesting to see that google hv not concentrated on a proper browser for android. The default one is not bad but...


google better have something special in store with their ice cream sandwich edition. it has been under development for a long time now. they have revealed nothing about it except that it merges their smartphone and tablet editions into a single version. if they fails to vow with ICW, i am not sure what direction i would take. i loved webos. it died. i loved meego. it died. i love android... i am not sure if i can handle the brutality of Windows Phone Mango edition any more!


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Makes me nostalgic about my N900. When Maemo came around it was the next BIG thing. This quickly changed to Meego being the next BIG thing. Poor us, who trusted Nokia and spent a fortune buying this phone when it was released. It never got apps or any support. The Maemo community tried to ensure its survival but the devs also gave up eventually. The only source of light was an Android port (Nitdroid), which I believe does not have voice functionality till date. Now I think even a Meego update is out of question.N900 was the end of my association with Nokia. I should have learned my lesson with the N97 but alas that was not meant to be.