Tikona Broadband Review (Mumbai)

Do you think Tikona is currently better than any other ISP?

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Paras Shah

New Member
Oct 6, 2015
So I am new to this forum, I just joined and have been reading some threads for some days. Liked it so joined it!:D
So I just got my Tikona Broadband connection today and am here to share the experience.. And I ll keep updating it as I have a 6 month connection/plan which I already paid for today:whew:. I live in Borivali ( Mumbai). I previously had an MTNL connection with a combo plan 649rs for 1mbps unlimited usage.

PROCEDURE: I had requested for the demo on the tikona website and the guy called next morning. He came for the demo the next evening( but we were told he would come the same day)

DEMO: The demo guy came and quickly went up the terrace and connected a receiver to set up the demo.. It took around 10 mins in all. The speed was quite good and it reached around 4mbps. (Once also reached 5)

INSTALLATION: After the demo we were quite impressed as the YouTube videos didn't take even a second to buffer even the 720p ones. :rofl:
We decided to get Tikona as it seemed much better than Mtnl both in terms of speed and stability.
The plan I chose to go with was of Rs800 for 35GBS at a speed of 4MBPS and then 512 kbps after that.
Two installation guys came the next morning and got my connection active in about an hour. But they said the plan would be active only after some procedure is done , so they came again in the afternoon and took another hour to activate the plan.

Day 1- The day 1 experience has been so good so far...the speeds have lived up to the expectations.:h::):rock:
The speeds have been around 3.5 to 4.5 MBPS which I believe is par in world today. In fact, in India you would be very lucky to get such promised speeds to be true and that too at such an affordable cost.:blush:
The four of us in my family used around 750mbs in the first day:rofl:
The webpages load in 1.5 secs .videos take no more than 1 sec to buffer in SD definition.
Have a look at the speeds below! By the way these are speeds over WiFi cable could be better I guess.!!:cool::D
Do let me know your opinions and questions!

1) Speedtest.net by Ookla - My Results

2) Speedtest.net by Ookla - My Results