Tikona Broadband is a Cheat.. Generates false bill


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Nov 22, 2016
Tikona is a Cheater and generates false bill after disconnection of services, I disconnected Tikona services as signals are not available to new home , tikona staff came & taken away the receiver box and also that is communicated to Tikona customer care over phone. But next month bill is generated by tikona and when I talked to customer care they told issue will be resolved, But they never resoled the issue even after 3-4 months and sent a legal notice to pay the false bill they generated.:mad:


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Dec 8, 2016
Tikona is a fraud company that doesn't provide proper service in Coimbatore. I took their connection and they were not able to provide proper service, some 4 or 5 of engineers came and they were not able rectify the problem. Actually the problem they were not support more customer in my area with their equipment so I told them that i don't need any of your connection and them to take it back this all happened in first 30 days. I paid first three installments in advance and i caused the customer care guys about my refund of money they said it'll take 90 days and i'll get payments according to my usage. Tikona people took their equipments after 60 days and they got signed from me stating that i don't need connnection and they haven't mentioned that they could not provide proper service. Today i got call from MUKESH (barcouncil dlrc1295public2007) from New Delhi Court stating that tikona has filed a case against me for non payment of bill and he never listens to me and he threaten me saying I should pay the bill amount(2220) or else i should come to delhi on saturday if not i'll be in trouble.

Some actions has to be taken against these kind of fraud company, if not they'll cheat all over India and please do help me about this what should i do next


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Aug 1, 2008
@karthik16selvan They have no right to force or threaten you to pay bill over phone. Only thing they could do is send you a legal notice which they won't.


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Dec 15, 2016
Tikona people should be burnt alive. Bloody Mafia. Getting the connection is easy. But disconnecting...oh boy. They won't answer your calls.
They will send you bills for months even after you somehow manage to disconnect. And they will tell their lawyers to call you after a few months. This is their modus operandi. If you don't believe me search "tikona advocate priyanka sharma" on google.

This way they are looting 2000-3000rs extra from every disconnection. Will bloody beat them to a pulp if given a chance.
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May 26, 2016
Hmm, but my friends all give a positive review of Tikona... i don't know whether to believe them.


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Dec 21, 2016
I requested for a new Tikona broadband connection. I choose Tikona because there were no other internet service providers in my area in Bangalore. So I my connection paying Rs. 2805

The speed was tested by the service man that made the installation. I was able to use my connection for a few days. The speed wasn't good but I was fine with whatever worked.

After a few days, I was hardly able to use the network. I had to make numerous calls to the customer care. They always provided some random reason. The network used to work sometimes when I got like really angry at the customer care, Else mostly never worked at all!!

The customer care guys are worse. They have no idea of what the customer needs. They always say some other network provider has cut Tikona’s cables by a mistake. Seriously !! So finally I decided to say Good-Bye to this network after failing all attempts.

Now i made two attempts of disconnection. I called by the customer care and asked them to disconnect. They also had given me a disconnection ID. Hence I assumed the disconnection was done. However, I keep getting bills month after month and each month an increased bill. I ignored those.

Now I get a call from an Advocate from Delhi. She was arrogant and her tone was really really bad. She warned me at any cost I will have to clear my bills with fine else the consequences will be bad. And also I had to appear to court in Delhi. I did not understand why I have to visit a Delhi court when I had taken a connection in Bangalore and the Tikona head office is in Mumbai.

I thought it could be a fake call and ignored. However, I now get a notice from an advocate to my house address. I believe that the company is really only trying to make money and cheat customers. This is my worst experience ever for trusting a service.

Now I will had to see how to deal with this never ending problem though I have hardly used any service at all! TIKONA makes your life HELL

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