One of the best fraudulent service..

Don't know why exactly customer service is there..
Whatever you ask them.. They just have one sentence. "Please contact operator"..

And operator says that you are paying through online so, need to provide additional amount if in case internet is down. If you pay by cash, amount would be 800 and plus due to services charges for every month.

May i know, what is the difference between paying through digital or by cash?

Seems like they won't welcome/like with Digital India concept.

For every month, there is 30 days as per the Earth. But for TIC Fiber, only 10 to 15 days for month. because they are providing internet only for 10 to 15 days.

Are you guys are far away from Earth?

I really appreciate Customer service, they do what they can. But regarding the Management and rules, i don't have words for them.

Can you please let us know who provided authorization for you to locate your branch in Earth?.

Some words to Operator, don't know what does he think about himself. Might be he feels like he is only the King of Fiber world.

I am asking a simple question to him "why should i pay" and the operator replies as "you are not allowed to ask this question".

For the god sake, any please let him know that am paying the amount.

Further conversation from the Operator...
---------------- Start of Operator Conversation-------------------------

You are paying through digital method. Did i ever asked you(me) why you are paying through digital. For every month, we ask extra charges from other customers i.e., 250 or more. For example, a Internet service station, we are charging 250 for every month which is extra amount than original bill.

We are just asking minimal amount from you i.e., 755 only.

----------------- End of Conversation-------------------------

Actually i would like to complaint to Google Engine to provide infinity star rating option.

I need to give infinity star rating for their excellent service by TIC company (really i don't it is a company or something).

Actually i don't have enough time to appreciate your great works. So, am signing off from this.

Your's lovingly,
Much more lovable customer.