Throttling Speeds


i want to know for how much my speeds will reduceon xGB's/month what will be my new throttled speed on airtell ....can i manage it efficiently ....experienced ppl share ur findings plzzzz


u just get 20k when u should get 32.u just get 45 when you should get 64.


"no sir, it's just a temporary problem." ??? that's rich. now, "five months" = temporary.
"sir, we are installing an E1 in your area, it will take some time." accha, heard that one before.

besides, the larger logic of limits needs to be confronted. first, and a typically sarkaari response: "then people will do (insert horrified look)... anything / whatever they want." the internet, as an idea, as a conceptual space, was meant for "anything" and "everything." not for nothing is it the greatest innovation in human history.

who would confess that they're shafting their users/customers/dependents?

given the impossibility of "official confirmation", 'throttling' (and whatever one might want to define it as) is less of an issue than the well-known and widely acknowledged crippling that airtel subjects its users to, due to low speeds.

worse, when queried, they respond with chalta-hai attitude replies like "but 10k is good" (on a 128k account) and "sir, if you read the pamphlet carefully, it says upto 128k and minimum guaranteed speed is 64k."

whatever happened to their 'we are world beaters and strive for excellence by exceeding customer expectations' propaganda?

maybe, as yettanother airtel engineer confirmed to me, exceeding customer expectations is mandatory only when tending to the broadband problems of relatives of bharti's top honchos, who, ironically, are also the type of people that voice/articulate their complaints in the language of "my internet is not working" / "browsing speed is very low."

yeh wohi puraani connections waali baat hai jo eis desh ko gutter mein rakhti hai. agar aapke paas connection(s) hai(n), khush rahiye. agar connection raddi hai, tau khush rahiye, kyonki atleast aapke paas connection hai aur aapke padosi ke paas nahin. aur agar connection bekaar chal raha hai, suck (up to) somebody, because they have better things to do than their jobs, aur khush rahiye. then get home and boast about it, since something as normal as expecting things to work normally/fine is out of the ordinary.

maybe the newest clown, widely proclaimed as "yuva samraat" (by a bunch of no hopers whose wages for their galaa phaad sloganeering is a botal), will, as he promises, make us dream. saala.

therein lies the REAL scam. of being phuslao'd into dreaming someone else's dream, not one's own.

"samraat" nahi, just "some rat." hehe...

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