Thieves at Tata Indicom Broadband


Tata Indicom just stole Rs1300 from my account. On the 13th of September 2013 I received an email that PC Security essentials was being renewed with a 2 user license. I called the helpline immediately to say I did not want this and was told I would hear from them in 24 – 48hrs. After no response for 3 days I called again and was told to send an email to customer services. I received a reply saying it was against company policy to refund subscriptions for VAS.
I have never used, applied for, downloaded, wanted or subscribed to this VAS. Moreover I only use this 1 pc, why would I need a 2 user license ?
When I let them know this for the 3rd time, the reply came as follows:
Dear Mr. Bhattacharyya ,

Greetings from TATA Communications.

With reference to your mail, we regret to inform you that PC Security is activated due to auto renewal option enabled at your end. We request you to follow the below steps to disable the auto renewal option:

1. Log on to
2. Click on a link called
Manage your Services listed on top of the main page
3. Login with your usual Tata Indicom user ID and your admin password admin@123
4. Once you have logged in, please click a link called
Manage Services listed on top of the page
5. The page that will load is called the Manage Services page
6. Uncheck on the PC Security auto renewal option.

Also, we regret to inform you that as it was auto renewed at your end, we are unable to provide refund for the same.

I went to that page to check, never even knew about it till the informed me, and found that the option to auto renew was already unchecked. When I let them know this they sent their first stock reply, 4 times now.
I have informed them that they may keep my Rs1300 as it was not worth my time to continue to chase after petty thieves like them provided they use the money to buy Mr Ratan Tata and/or Cyrus Mistry a blow job provided they let me know if they enjoyed it.
They keep responding with a stock reply
Suffice to say I am looking for a good broadband provider in Kolkata at the expiry of this account in November. Any suggestions ?


Successs. A day after this post I received a phone call saying my money would be refunded, and lo & behold , "against their company policy" it was


I had BSNL for 5 years not a single problem except few small downtime ....and now I am using Reliance for last 1 and half year where weekly downtime is normal with hardly any customer support........I may move back to BSNL if Reliance continues like this........they have great plans with no customer support........
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