"These Go to Eleven" Android special event on 16th in Los Angeles,CA.


google has already released the honeycomb update for the google tv.

products have to be launched by partners. logitech has already confirmed that they are out.

sony has revealed that their next generation television are going to be much different and might feature google tv features. LG might finally offer Google TV products in the near future.

but without a partner, this event is not going to be about google tv.

as for there go to eleven... there is a connection to eleven which techcrunch explained. Google Employee Nigel Tufnel Sends Invites For Mysterious Android Event November 16 | TechCrunch

As you’ve likely heard by now, today is Nigel Tufnel day. Tufnel, who revolutionized the music world in the early-80s with the introduction of volume knobs that go to 11 (rather than a mere 10), is being honored worldwide because of today’s date: 11/11/11.

It’s a nice gesture, but Tufnel’s current employer, Google, apparently isn’t giving him the day off: he just sent me an email invite to a special event that’s being held next week in Los Angeles. Thankfully Google’s at least let him inject some personality into the invite: the top of the invite fittingly says “These Go To Eleven” at the top, though it gives little indication as to what to expect.

The event will be held November 16,and will be livestreamed at YouTube.com/Android — which, presumably, means that it’s going to be Android related.


Google Music is the likely possibility. Want to hazard further guess?
Study the attached image which is there in the google invite.
Prominently shows T Mobile on the main building and a droid on the sidewall.
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