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anyone here buy chicken ham type products from a local store to make sandwiches? just wanted to know... how you keep the ham slices separate from each other. green chick shop guy told me to keep them in freezer and when i took them out today, they were practically a unified mess. also... they are definitely ready to eat right? :p also... is it safe to microwave them for a minute or two to warm and soften them up before making a sandwich with them?


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^ I use sausages regularly and its written on package to let it thaw to room temperature either by placing it outside fridge or use microwave to thaw it out.

doesnt your microwave come with defrost option?

have never used it before :p have never even used the grill or conv features. since mom has no idea how to actually use the grill feature, i have no idea how to use it to roast stuff :p

anyhow. would try to use the defrost option next time i make a sandwich. any tips to make great ham sandwiches? :p

"News from XYZ" thread for various news from states are scattered in many sections like Politics, Modi govt and News. Why can't they be at same section? Besides News from Maharashtra and News from Mumbai has overlapping or irrelevant news to either location :D
well... just ping me the threads and posts which are out of place. the amount of news i end up posting, there is bound to be duplication and scattered mess. i do not go into forums to find the threads. i just use search or browser history to land in individual threads so i never really notice the section these threads are in :\

so this is a stupid question... anyone here who eats lays chips. especially the green (cheese onion) flavor... have you noticed any degradation in quality over the last couple of months? smaller size of chips, uneven taste, freaking burnt chips? 🙄