The New DTH Regulations


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Tatasky has a scrolling message on the start channel 100 that to wait for them to contact you regarding migrating to updated packages, till then "continue to enjoy your existing services" :D

Airtel has started adding rates along with channel name (like B4U Movies @ Free, Star Sports 1 HD @ Rs 22) for all channels. Airtel website also mentioning that package rates would be revised soon.


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Long Story Short, Entertainment Channels of Indian TV Industry will start shut down in some years (and major channels will see huge advertising and viewership loss).
I find the current Airtel DTH rates pretty reasonable for my use in Kerala. I am on the MyPlan 99 pack, along with the Malayalam regional add-on for Rs 66 (this includes all SD Malayalam channels)

I have also added the English Movies HD topup which is Rs 51 and includes all HD english movies channels like HBO, Star Movies, Star Movies Select, Pix etc. (around 10)
Along with that added the Magic HD Kerala & Karnataka topup for Rs 84 which gives about 34 HD channels.

That makes it 99 + 66 + 51 + 84 = Rs 300 which seems OK to me. Includes all the HD and SD channels we watch at home.

Previously I had opted for the Infinity HD pack for the last two years, which came to around 460 per month but had to prepay for a year. The new combination above is much more cheaper for me.

I hope the new system doesn't increase the rates as category wise channel bouquets will no longer be there.
Does that include hd sports channel.

I am on Value + HD pn Airtel DTH which costs around Rs 600 per month.
After I tried Provider Bouquet or A-la-carte, either way I selected all channels I watch, and monthly costs goes up to 800~900 :eek::cry::oops:
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meanwhile trai be like...


they are essentially asking you to cut down on channels to get the cost to a reasonable level. less content, pay same/more... you are empowered.


They just wanted to make TV cheaper for people who watch only news channels and were forced to pay 150 or more.
Instead of enforcing better pricing they made it more expensive. I saw one interview of some top guy from TRAI and he was blatantly lying about these new rules and everyone in the audeince was clapping.
Meanwhile HD channels are still double the price of regular channels, show same content with ads and require subscription of regular channel too in order for them to work.
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