The New DTH Regulations


ala carte was available already. and it would be available through the new route. base rate has increased from my understanding.
if you know the channels you need, it would definitely be cheaper. though it would kind of become an annoyance for channel surfing as majority of channels would not work. so using favorite feature on the stb box would become useful.

the major change in policy is that dth companies do not have the power to create packages now from my understanding. so rates of packages should be uniform across all players. the new system is delayed till next year (link on previous page) so for now, nothing needs to be done. things would only be clear when dth operators update their websites with new packages and ala carte option.

logically, operators should allow you to add and remove channel on demand based on monthly payment but that would depend upon how the system is implemented on the website. would be nice if they can offer decent apps to do it. d2h app that i have is pretty confusing and the website is a pain in the ass with transition effect on each page load. i mean just load this url: d2h | India's Premium DTH Service with the Widest Range of Channel Options Across India

No update or message from Airtel DTH as of now about whats going to change in packaging after Dec 29.
But I am sure costs would not hugely reduced for end customers and we would still be paying Rs 500+ for HD channels from all channel providers (if we want them all).


Can someone ELI5, what's the difference between a-la-carte and this? AFAIK, a-la-carte was being offered for at least more than 5 years. on Tata Sky.
What about the nickel and dime thievery in the name of HD access fee? Will that be abolished, since HD channels are now offered as MRP?
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Dth operators should not be able to add their own charges now. Pricing is in control of broadcaster.


I find the current Airtel DTH rates pretty reasonable for my use in Kerala. I am on the MyPlan 99 pack, along with the Malayalam regional add-on for Rs 66 (this includes all SD Malayalam channels)

I have also added the English Movies HD topup which is Rs 51 and includes all HD english movies channels like HBO, Star Movies, Star Movies Select, Pix etc. (around 10)
Along with that added the Magic HD Kerala & Karnataka topup for Rs 84 which gives about 34 HD channels.

That makes it 99 + 66 + 51 + 84 = Rs 300 which seems OK to me. Includes all the HD and SD channels we watch at home.

Previously I had opted for the Infinity HD pack for the last two years, which came to around 460 per month but had to prepay for a year. The new combination above is much more cheaper for me.

I hope the new system doesn't increase the rates as category wise channel bouquets will no longer be there.