The New DTH Regulations


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Not just Internet.
1. Let's take old DTH Plans (currently running) and New DTH Plans (After TRAI's Changes). What will be most costlier for Customer? I'm hardly concerned how this will affect Tata/Airtel. I'm concerned about my pocket.
If you are all channel customer then costly(for time being), if you watch selected channels then cheaper.
Actually it could have been cheaper for both cases if madras high court hadn't blocked the 15% clause of TRAI which states that "the sum of all channels in a pack offered by broadcaster can't more 15% cheaper than combined of all individual channels in ala-carte rates".
Due to this rule many channels are still Rs.19 per month.

2. Jio TV will be the future of TV in India? (Since, I believe it will use the same wires as of Broadband).
Jio tv would be the most competitive when launched becoz current regulation cuts off the pricing power from both Dth n broadcaster.
only pay for the paid channels as all FTA would be free or included in fiber charges.

3. JioTV will use the Bandwidth since it's IPTV. It means, We will never get the full speed internet since wires will be sharing data between Internet and TV both. So it means we will never enjoy full 1gbps speeds?
An average SD streams take 2mbps, HD stream 5mbps, UHD stream takes 25mnps.
Out of 1024mbps how much your line would suffer? almost zero.
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Hahaha, I'm okay with Full HD, I don't want UHD for stupid Indian TV. 5Mbps is fine.

Thanks for the detailed information @igloo

Are you actually using IPTV?