The Mine


Ancient Philospher
London The Mine 9381626382: Book: Arnab Ray (9789381626382)

The Mine takes you to the underbelly of a secret mine in Rajasthan, where a place of worship is discovered. A series of spine-chilling events follow suit, and in this book, Arnab Ray explores the genre of horror with gruesome portrayals of his characters and events.

Summary of The Mine
What happens when the evil lurking within men is brought out for the world to see?
Is the Devil just a façade created to cover the will of God?
These are some of the questions that Arnab Ray throws up through his novel, The Mine.
The story falls under the genre of horror fiction and is tailored for those with a penchant for the eerie.
Through The Mine, Arnab Ray describes the terrifying experiences of a group of miners who are employed at an ancient site of worship. They starts experiencing nightmares when darkness falls, and during the day, the carvings on the underground dome drive them insane, albeit slowly. An investigation is launched with a group of experts when things get out of hand, and what they discover next sets the tone for a spine chilling journey, one that they need to get out of - alive.
Decent horror novel. Doesn't employ silly horror techniques like b grade bollywood movies. story line is a bit linear but enjoyable nonetheless. very graphic, macabre details. not for the faint hearted.