The Grand List of Forum and Community Laws


Bharat Ganarajya
Some of the interesting laws of forums.

Law of Thread Entropy: A given thread will
always tend to drift off-topic.
"Thanks for Nothing" Effect: If the first post in a thread ends with the sentence "Thanks in advance!" it is exponentially less likely that it will be replied to.
CAD's Boomerang Law: If an
active user creates a post announcing they are
voluntarily leaving the community, they will almost certainly return. The length of the post is directly proportional to their likelihood of returning and inversely proportional to the time it will take for them to return. However, if an active user suddenly disappears without announcing themselves, and it was not because they were banned, the chances of them returning are much less, let alone the chances of them being remembered outside of the occasional "hey, what ever happened to

The Grand List of Forum and Community Laws - Television Tropes & Idioms