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Airtel hope it's not too late to talk about this movie. It has already won a bunch of awards including Oscars. Saw it last night. Liked it a lot. It's a black and white movie. And it is Silent till the very end. And the storyline is pretty bollywoodish. You would probably remember a bunch of movies you have already seen that have a similar story line. But it is fun to see a silent B&W movie made in today's times. Very fun. I was expecting a smallish crowd in the theater last night considering it was a Thursday (which means that the movie was already a week old)... But i think there were around 20 people in the theater which is much more than what I would see for a regular movie on a Thursday night! Few of them joked that it was an art movie considering it was silent and B&W. But no one made fun of the movie during the movie. (I noticed a lot of people were complaining during the movie about Dhobhi Ghat and of course Ghostrider. had a similar experience with tinker tailor soldier spy). And when the movie ended... some guys were actually enjoying themselves doing tap dance outside the theater. very fun.