Telegram seems to have been blocked in India (partially at the moment)


chalo. hopefully this was a temporary thing. and not something that they were testing to roll out widely.
telegram is my primary mode of communication and it would suck if it becomes the target of illegal blocking.
the company of course has been targeted by many countries around the world (russia for instance) and provide enough options to make it work with proxy. but that's not really a solution because this block is certainly not implemented by the government at least for now.
though i can see why telegram is likely to become a target. it makes headlines for all the wrong reasons. child pornography for instance. so it is an easy target as majority of indian audience (including troll armies and fake news peddlers) are active on whatsapp.

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nope. had gotten a backup sim for dad during the free testing period. and even ported that to vodafone. have no confidence in jio. data services were hopeless around my house. voice calls did not work most of the times. so switched dad's primary sim to airtel which works well around here. would have gotten the second sim to airtel as well but i wanted to keep it on a different network so that at least one of the two sims would be able to make calls when he is stuck in a location with poor network coverage.

had a case few months ago. he was attending a wedding at a remote farmhouse. he had to call me to pick him up. did not get a call from him at expected time. tried calling him and it was not working. eventually he had to borrow a phone from someone else to make that call. after that i always keep a backup sim of another network on his phone ?
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Website does not seems to be working here. I don't see the 'DoT compliance' message but the following error:

This site can’t be reached
The connection was reset.
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