TATA Wimax - Cheated for a small amount

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Hi,I had raised a request for termination of my connection on 6th June 2012 and I recieved an SMS and an Email stating that my request for termination has been taken, I got an Email on 7th saying that they are unable to reach me on my phone however they are taking the request for termination, I also got a call on 8th june 2012 asking for reasons for disconnection and I was told that the connection will be suspended soon and someone will come for collecting the hardware, however on not getting any response till 11th I sent out 2 more emails asking for updates where in I was told that there was a mistake and an speed upgrade request has been taken in my name for a higher billing amount a fresh disconnection request will be taken today and I will need to wait another 72 hours to know if they have disconnected the connection, moreover I will also be billed for this duration in which I have not used the internet connection and also need to pay for the upgraded speed which I never requested.Over this I have been told that customer service has been trying to contact me on my cell phone and they are unable to reach me, this is all a lie as I always carry my phone along and have received 2 calls from the company itself.Customer service till now was good, connection however was pathetic, will post this to maximum forums to create awareness and will also try to use any suggestions which can help against this fraud.Vishal
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