Tata Sky DTH: Suggestions and complaints here

One suggestion from my side, this is a new idea, can you develop a dish in which the money which is paid should not be applicable for months either it should run for minutes. Such that the recharge which is done should be in minutes say as for watching TV for 50000 minutes the customer would pay the amount for the time they are watching the TV. This would be a great idea for marketing, you can promote this by telling the customers that by this minutes recharge the electricity used would be less and the time will be fixed of watching TV and the eyes can also be good as watching less TV would also affect the eyes in a very less manner.The charge must be fixed of watching TV, the customer would only pay the money for the minutes he/she has watched the TV,by this the customer will realize your authenticity and the customer would also feel that you are doing this things for a social cause.The customers will feel that you are doing a social cause by reducing the time of watching so that the eyes are also safe and also they will buy this recharge pack more and more and you will get a very huge publicity.The customers will demand more for this pack.If you like my idea then feel free to contact me on my email ID.

Siddhant Laddha
class 9

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