Tata Play temporary suspension feature questions


I have never suspended Tata Play for their minimum 5 days or above but now I want to since I'll be going out somewhere, so I thought it's a great way to save subscription money. I see that they ask you to enter a start and end date for temporary suspension (on their desktop website when you click on the help section that takes you to a help chat), so once I give an end date for the suspension, will I be able to change it later, for example, A) I want to extend the suspension or B) I want to end the suspension (after the minimum 5 day period or even before) and get the service active again and C) the end date would mean that the service would be back again on the particular end date from 00:00 HRS on that end date or is that if you suspend at 8PM for 5 days it'll get activated at 8PM on the end date?