Tata Indicom Wi-Max BB issues with Playstation 3

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Tata Indicom Wi-MAX
Hello everyone,I recently got Tata Indicom BB (Wi-Max with PowerDesine 3001 modem) connected at my place with dynamic IP config. Then I noticed it won't connect my PS3 online. Then I switched to static IP couple of days back. Now I am able to log into Playstation Network, but for a brief moment only. After like 10 mins or so, it gets disconnected and I have to restart the modem to try logging into PSN again. It happens on my PC as well. After sometime the network status shows "No Internet Access".When I tried setting IP address and DNS manually, it won't detect any connection. It has a NAT type 3 and when the connection gets severed while I'm on PS3, it fails to detect NAT type again. I have no idea what's causing this problem. If anyone has any solution to this issue, please help. As you all know how competent Tata CC people are. Thanks.
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