TATA Indicom Service pathetic


Jun 5, 2005
I have had the Tata telephones for the last five years in Hyderabad (my account number is 100591769). In the beginning their service used to be personal, professional, quick and effective. I used to tell people that Jet Airways and TATA Teleservices are some of the best run corporations that handle thousands of customers. I am forced to seriously revise my assessment of Tata Indicom (which took over from Tata Teleservices), while Jet Airways still enjoys my full support.I pay an average of Rs. 10,000 each month on my five phones that I have with Tata Indicom. The nephew of one of the directors of DOT was my employee, who tried to get me to change some of our phones to DOT, promising personal and excellent service from DOT. I declined the offer, and stayed with TATA Indicom.Since May 23, 2005 my phone service is disrupted, and after calling daily and afer receiving promises that my phones would be fixed in the next "12 Hours", I still do not have telephone service as I write today on June 5, 2005. I have spoken to at least seven supervisors, and countless executives in the technical department to no avail. They have sent people to fix the problem, but they leave without fixing the problem, time and again, and my service is still not active.I am sad to say that Tata Indicom has seriously let me down.My sister had told me that the private phone companies in India are not reliable, and it is better to stick with DOT, as I was trying to convince her to change to Tata. I am glad she did not listen to me. It is sad to see one of the fine corporations of India go down like this. I hope someone is listening at Tata Indicom and have the capability to take firm and decisive action so that their service is brought to the levels they used to once have in 2000.


There's nothing better than BSNL : both landline and broadband.They have set example regarding broadband for the private players in this short span. :D


May 20, 2005
You can even get more sad stories of theft for BSNL and MTNL PSU Navratnas. Its not that I am all praise for Private operators. But I think because you didn't pay your bills on time your service is disconnected.

No service provider will simply disconnect phone service without any reason.

BSNL and MTNL allow delayed payment and huge balances only because they are PSUs (Basic idea of PSUs is to serve the public and not profiteering) and this shows their gross inefficiency.

Originally posted by agnivo007@Jun 6 2005, 08:14 AM
There's nothing better than BSNL : both landline and broadband.

They have set example regarding broadband for the private players in this short span. :D



"Saari desh mein shor hai... TATA Indicom chor hai..." :lol: