tata indicom broadband: Wrongly Billed in Quick Power [Night unlimited]


Hello Hi Guys,
EveryOne who is reading this post before please check your Bill if your in QuickPower[Night unlimited] plan ..please check billing on dates 10/05/2009 and 16/05/2009., TataIndicom ppl have wrongly bill for every one i believe becoz few of my friend also where having same problem. for me on 10th i was charged 48.49 rs and on 16th i was charged 67rs for no use of Internet. Fact is that is was the wrong billing of server on these days. I've already raised 5 complaints but no use .. So i request you guys to come forward, who have got the same problem .., and please froward the amount that has been charged on that day. with ur Id on my email id mjk.pradeep... Click on mjk.pradeep
For sure I'm addressing all your concern to head office ..mail me soon !
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this sometimes happens with tata indicom when you are on night unlimited, it does show up usage as non 0. however the same gets reversed in a few days (becomes 0) or it still shows up but your balance is correct. however to be on the safer side, do log a call with the cc