Tata Indicom ADSL2+ wireless configuration or setup help - Mumbai

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Hi Everyone ,

Since the past few months I have been struggling to access my Wi-Fi router [ Dlink DIR600 ] . When i came across this forum I found a couple of replies that would have helped me configure the whole setup but it din't work as expected it to work . My Wifi devices were able to connect to the router but the DNS was not being automatically configured hence I had to keep manually entering the DNS Server address on my devices everytime I connected one . All my wifi settings were configured correctly but the whole problem was with the Zyxel P-600 modem provided by Tata Indicom .

I called the customer service up to confirm what kind of connect i was using , was it StaticIP/DynamicIP/PPPoE/PPTP/L2TP connection ?
This is what they quoted " Sorry Sir , WE CANNOT GIVE YOU THAT INFORMATION ! "
To which I finally said " I am going to disconnect from your service " , a threat that usually gets work done I thought . But they replied saying " Ok Sir , do as you please . Thank you . "

It is frustrating to setup your own connection once you get such a reply . Well nonetheless I asked for an engineer to come make a visit at my place . Once the engineer arrived I asked him to setup the connection for me . He said unless I would buy an official modem provided by Tata Indicom we wouldn't be able to assist me with setting up my wireless router . Finally had to bribe him into giving me the details I required .

Now the Zyxel modem I was already using provided by Tata Indicom is the one that needed to be configured whose login details are not disclosed even to their most loyal customers ( i did promote about their services to my friends ) . Hence he changed the configuration in the Zyxel P600 modem to BRIDGING mode and set my D-Link DIR600 Router to StaticIP and voila I can happily access the information on any device with Wifi .

This is just the experience I had . Just wanted to share it everyone in here . So next time you don't spend months like me trying to figure things by yourself
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