Tata DSL broadband users in Trivandrum


Dec 29, 2004
Hi All Tata DSL users in Trivandrum
(Old Dishnet DSL users also)

Can u share your experience for the benefit of me & others interested.

I am hearing they are providing 512 Kbps line
@ Rs 6000 pm for unlimited usage &
@ Rs 500 pm for 250 MB DL data limited.

What is the ....

1. Actual bandwidth-speed attainable, kbps or KBps DL-rate?
can quote how much MB/hr can be downloaded using DL-managers?

2. Reliability, downtime ?
3. Customercare ?

Which is DSL-modem (model) provided?

Thanks & Regards Valmiki


Feb 18, 2005
Valmiki,Untill June 30th, BSNL Data One is the best bet. Rs 500 per month, unlimited usage for 256K. Rs 2500 for the DSL modem(brand varies) +install.Or check with Reliance in your city. Ask for their DIA Broadband plans.256K, DSL, unlimited is Rs 1200 and 512K unlimited is Rs 3000.So Reliance would be 50% cheaper than Dishnet DSL from Tata.Kindly post back and confirm if these are available in Trivandrum.