Tata Broadband Sucks Bigtime

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NEVER GO FOR TATA BROADBAND - I have a 256 kbps unlimited for Rs. 1600/- per month - This is my experience in South Delhi - Tata Broadband sucks bigtime - the whole company and its customer service is pathetic. The connection has frequent disconnections, making it impossible to do anything. The connection rarely remains stable. If you are on a VOIP call using skype / yahoo msgr, the connection breaks down particularly frequently. Their wires are always getting cut and their engineers make it a point to note down your number and never reply back to calls or sms. Moreover, I had a downtime of 4 days twice in the last 3 weeks. That's eight days of no service in a span of 21 days! Crazy!! And the company's personnel are hard to reach, don't give proper replies. They don't have toll-free number, so everytime I call, I am made to pay huge mobile bill for each call, with a wait time of 12 minutes or more and another 10 minutes to argue with the customer service. The local engineer had taken away my router and did not return as promised. Of course, he did not return my calls and sms. Only after contacting the operations manager and threatening them, did they decide to send a replacement router after 4 days! Per my complaint, even the escalation manager, Sourabh Sengupta at the head office in Bangla Sahib Road, New Delhi has no satisfactory reply, apart from the god-damn standard script - we are looking into the "f..king" matter. NEVER GO FOR TATA BROADBAND if you want peace of mind.
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