Swaraj Abhiyan on collusion between Congress and BJP to profit from defense deals



• It confirms earlier reports by the magazine Outlook that middlemen were indeed involved in the Scorpene Submarine deal of 2005 and that the CBI failed to carry out due diligence in its Preliminary Enquiry report that led to closure of the case;
• It provides shocking evidence that the accused of the Navy War Room Leak continued to receive confidential defence information till as late as 2011, while they were being tried for one of the most infamous cases of defence information leak;
• It claims that the breach in national security had reached the Parliamentary Consultative Committee on Defence, as one of the then members of this committee (a BJP MP) was compromised by these middlemen with the help of foreign women “Escorts”;
• Shockingly, the information presented here has been in possession of the offices of the Prime Minister, the Defence Minister and the National Security Adviser for nearly two months, but they have not even reopened the CBI investigations, let alone take any action against the accused; and
• The reason for this strange inaction is clear: any action against middlemen would have led to blacklisting of the company whose Chairman was at the signing ceremony for the purchase of Rafale aircrafts.
Swaraj Abhiyan asks the government to come clean on this issue, take prompt and effective action against the culprits, including an MP of the ruling party, and blacklist the companies responsible for violations.
How Congress and BJP participate in, collude with and protect each other in compromising vital national security interests | Swaraj Abhiyan News

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