Supreme Court of India Updates


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I will get flak for saying this but this shit is being misused too much in villages. we gave a small parcel of empty infertile land to SC/ST family to rear cows and store their tractor. So then went ahead and constructed a coconut branch shed. we were like okay fine. then when my dad visited village after few months, motherfuckers constructed a garage basically attached to their house. my dad was still fine but I was not. I went ahead and asked them to remove it and they were like nope. went to sarpanch and they basically threatened to file an sc/st complaint against us saying "maybe if you sit in jail for one night, youll come to know our power"

so we had to call a meeting of almost all families, go to sarpanch, get a govt land surveyor to come and identify our plot dimensions and then remove the structure and fence around it. took us almost 8 months. fucking ridiculos

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