Suggestion regarding Data Card for heavy usage-Mumbai


Feb 25, 2011
To experience how MTNL 3G (delhi & Mumbai) works in roaming (free or not??) ...... take baby steps before you go for rs 1650 data pack etc.1. get MTNL 3G pre paid sim -delhi or Mumbai (Mumbai plans cheaper than delhi most of he time) depending upon your residence proof.2.recharge thro paytm or rechargeguru rs 20 -1 day plan-250 mb pack or Rs 449 - 7 days-5 gb plan and check usage in BSNL roaming (APN: is now common for both delhi and mumbai mtnl)Speed varies in different locations of BSNL. It works well most of the time.You can not expect Airtel 3G speeds (700-1000 kBps) or Voda 3G (300-700 kBps) or Aircel 3G (300-500 kBps) in MTNL 3G !!Thou shall receive average 1 mbps (120 kBps) or up to 240 kBps. You can not complain for the price you are paying.:cool_2: