Suggest a DTH connection for a 42" 3D LED TV


A friend is looking for one. I suggested Tata Sky but he is more interested in Videocon because they have more HD channels? Please suggest.


I have found that Tata Sky provides a better picture quality than Videocon.

Even though Tata Sky's channels and services is a bit expensive, they make it up with their excellent customer support. Videocon provides more of a VFM service with sub-par customer support.

At the end of the day, both have their cons in some or the other department. Its up to your friend to choose which one he's more comfortable with.
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Videocon's 3D HD STB is not so good. There are UI lags everywhere and it's more painful when browing Program Guide. Maybe he can get the HD DVR which also has 3D and I suppose it has better performance.

And lets not forget that Tata Sky's STB is 3D ready. Not sure about Videocon.
Videocon was actually first to start 3D service, though they didn't had any content then. TATA SKY and Airtel STB are also 3D ready, Airtel is broadcasting 3D movie on then VOD channel currently.
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well i cannot really recommend airtel dth to him :)

he decided to go for videocon despite my warning. good thing i would not be held responsible for poor user experience.