Static Routing VoIP SIP to a virtual interface on the ONU

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I'm trying to understand how to provide a static route from my Mikrotik to the 707GR1 ONU for VOIP SIP.

In the ONU, I can see SIP/Voice is provided on VLAN 660 at the nas0_1 interface and the ONU is connected to this interface internally using a fixed network

This access allows ONU's internal SIP client to power the FXS RJ11 port for the analog telephone.


Another interface nas0_3, on the ONU bridges my Mikrotik router for WAN access (VLAN 100) (via the LAN 3).
I have also been provided a static IP already configured into the router.



The following information is fairly common to regular lurkers on airtel broadband forum (ONU SIP client screengrab):


To access the SIP trunk from my PC, make a static route for the Proxy and Outbound proxy addresses on the router.

How do I set a static route on the Mikrotik to the ONU at its nas0_1 Voice interface when the router is only connected to the nas0_3?

Per my understanding, the router is unaware of any upstream VLAN 100 and nas0_3 cannot access nas0_1 VLAN 660. This nas0_3 Voice interface is also not attached to any LAN ports (if it were, I would have connected it to the router and set the static route to that interface)

Any help highly appreciated in understanding the topology that I might have missed.