If you want to experiment with tea... Chai Tea Latte is a popular offering. Not sure how popular it is here in India. My friends in USA are crazy about it.
No experiment done, java chip was good enough :)

But I couldn't eat it's cream later [emoji16]

Didn't order anything to eat, it was almost, not fully occupied, i was there for 2.5 hours, nobody bothered

Select city walk ground floor
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Starbucks India - Android Apps on Google Play

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The official mobile application for Starbucks® India. The Starbucks® India mobile app is the fastest and most convenient way to pay, earn Stars, redeem Rewards and much more.

Features include:
* Quick and convenient payment
* Register for My Starbucks Rewards™ with an eCard
* Track and redeem Rewards
* View, transfer or reload your balance on your Starbucks Cards
* Locate your nearest Starbucks store in India
* View the latest promotions
* Receive special offers and messages
* Explore our menu and discover your favourite beverage and food


this app seems like a great option for anyone who frequently visit starbucks here in india. you can load cash money in it and pay using the app (the app shows the barcode that is scanned at the counter for payments) and i noticed that my card had tons of discounted offers available in the past but i never noticed them because i have not been to a starbucks in many many months.


so yesterday... there was a viral video showcasing cops dragging out two black men out of a starbucks.
claim was that they had not ordered anything and were sitting inside the starbucks.
company has issued apology.

Starbucks: Arrest of two black men at Philly store 'reprehensible' - CNN

but the cops say that they did nothing wrong as they were called by the store manager. the complaint was that they used the store's restroom without placing an order for anything.
and it was ok because starbucks policy prohibit non-customers from using their restrooms.

Officers in Starbucks incident 'did absolutely nothing wrong,' Philadelphia police chief says | Fox News

here is the video: