Star renames its sports channels to Star Sports 1, Star Sports 2, Star Sports 3, Star Sports 4, Star


Ancient Philospher
Good move. Last time they were showing Juventus vs AC Milan on Star Cricket HD which was weird.
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Exactly thats the reason they have re branded the channel names along....
People should not get confused that in STar Cricket and STar Circket HD they are watching football....

Star Cricket also broadcasted Hockey league once I guess, that was weird too :)
Now time for TEN SPORTS to rebrand themselves as well?
BTW New LOGO is very very bad and large, and its even more large on HD channel, and distracting due to animation between old and new logo.


Yeah.. Star launched "Star TV" which looked like that. Star Sports was previously Prime Sports which was more similar to one of the former Neo Sports logos.


What a ridiculous shit logo. When old ones were bad the new ones are worse..
HD that they have mentioned in their both HD channels is just way toooo big.


By the way why was the title of this thread changed. Though in reality no new channels are added, it seems to indicate as if 6-7 new channels are there :p


I also would like to point out how cleverly they already had people subscribing to Star Cricket (maybe even on long term?) and suddenly its now a Hindi 24x7 common Sports channel, and how some cricket content is now moved to Star Sports 2, which is not beaming/not subscribed yet on many platforms.
ChaiBiskutBhai said:
Agree. The thread should ideally be called 'Star Sports rebrands its channel line-up'.
Also, is this rebranding limited to India or does it extend to SEA?
In the rest of SEA. ESPN was replaced with Fox Sports if I remember correctly earlier this year.
Following News Corporation’s successful acquisition of ESPN's partnership interest in ESPN STAR Sports (ESS) in November last year, all ESPN networks will be renamed as FOX SPORTS networks across both SingTel mio TV and StarHub TV such as:ESPN to FOX SPORTS, the flagship sports channel, available on SingTel mio TV Ch 114 and StarHub TV Ch 208ESPN HD to FOX SPORTS PLUS (HD), the high-definition channel, available on SingTel mio TV Ch 117 and StarHub TV Ch 210ESPNEWS to FOX SPORTS NEWS, the 24-7 sports news channel, available on SingTel mio TV Ch 116 and StarHub TV Ch 207ESPN PLAYER to FOX SPORTS PLAY (, the LIVE and on-demand broadband networkMobile ESPN to FOX SPORTS MOBILE, the complete live sports news, information and TV streaming applicationSTAR Sports, STAR Cricket and STAR Cricket HD channels will remain unchanged.
Thats why we had ESPN-News become FoxSports news
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mhsabir said:
I want to watch the match in Tamil now... Kris Srikkanth, Sivaramakrishanan, Murali Karthik doing commentary... Please launch a Tamil channel too :pleasantry:
In the good old days, AIR used to broadcast tamil commentary on Madras A station for test matches at Chennai. That was better than the commentary available on TV.
It's time we have an option of separate feeds with and without commentary. Muting is not an option. I just don't want to listen to Ravi Sastri or LS but I want to hear the crowds and the players. That way, I won't lose the atmosphere.