SSV Broadband


Apr 26, 2011
Hello Experts,

I have taken SSV Broadband connection today. What I understood is that you need to enter user id and password on web based client everytime you want to use it.

Now, I'm using DIR-655 D-Link Wireless Router. Is it possible to default this username and password in the router configuration setup. It uses this link everytime asking us to enter user name and password, ''. I have my laptop, smart phones and blu ray player connected to my wi-fi router. Everytime entering username and password is irritating.

Can any one help me in knowing the setup, which I can do in my wi-fi router setup. Under the manual setup, I found 'Static IP', 'PPPoE', 'PPTP' and 'L2TP' type connections, presently I'm using static IP but, it does not allow me to save user id and password. How do I achieve this?