Speed issues with Reliance Jio GigaFiber


Jul 9, 2019
Hey guys !

Sorry, posted the thread on the regular Jio forum.

Nevertheless, I have been using the Jio Giga Fiber for more than a year.

My basic use is streaming (Netflix, Prime, Hotstar etc.) and downloading via torrents and some debrid sites.

Till about 2-3 weeks back, I was getting consistent speeds of 90 mbps+ on almost all sites, with no throttling whatsoever.

About 2 weeks back, I noticed that speeds on torrents and debrid sites has fallen to 15-20 mbps.

- Changed DNS (cycled between Google, Cloudfare and Jio) to no use

- Bought subs to different debrid sites, and the speeds are consistent (about 3 MBps) on all sites (and torrents)

- Speedtest to Indian servers on Speedtest.net shows 100 mbps connection, same with Netflix (local CDNs I guess)

- Speedtest to foreign servers (Singapore, HK etc) shows speeds of 10-20 mbps, with high pings

I also have an Airtel broadband connection - 40 mbps. I tried the same links with Airtel, and they max out the connection within seconds, so most likely the issue is with Jio.

Did a tracert to some of the debrid sites for both Jio and Airtel. Airtel showed 6 hops, Jio 12 hops.

I called Jio's CC and they basically said as long as ANY server shows 100 mbps speeds, they cannot do anything and they do not have a way to escalate it further.

Checked with a friend who stays about 4-5 kms away, in a different society and uses Jio. He is facing the same issue.

Any recommendation on how to proceed further ? Any members here facing the same issue ?
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Jan 21, 2005
What does "debrid sites" mean? Maybe Jio is now actively hindering torrent traffic?


Jul 9, 2019
Debrid sites basically allow you to convert torrents to https downloads (they download the torrents to their server, and then you download from there).
You can also convert direct download site links where you don't have a premium account, into https links for downloading at full speed.
Most of the good sites have terabytes of bandwidth, so speed is not be an issue, as demonstrated by Airtel.
Jio seems to be actively throttling these sites. Even via a VPN, the speeds remain the same.
Heck, my office SSO (single sign on) page had trouble loading. I was unable to access Salesforce and Veeva pages, sites used to document and review activities etc.


Oct 29, 2004
i think it's great that the sites are not blocked altogether in the first place. because that's what i would expect from jio.
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