Speed is a eyewash and lousy customer service


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Nov 28, 2013
Please don't go for ACT broadband.... The high speed is a eyewash and customer/service for any complaints is as good as non-existent

Reg Speed.... do a speed test from various speedtest websites (ensure to choose a server outside India)....I got max 5Mbps and average of 2.5Mbps from 7 different websites. However, the company personnel will choose an India based server and show that your speed is 19Mbps (more than the 15Mbps you have opted for)..... you download a file from the internet and see at what speed the file gets downloaded....for me it worked out to less than 2Mbps ... this was tested by ACT themselves... however they tried to mislead me by using an incorrect conversion ratio.... so beware, they will trick you into believing that you are actually getting more than 15Mbps speed

On Customer service.... In case you have any complaint, then god may answer your prayers, but ACT broadband will not answer... they will just close your complaint without addressing the issue.... I have already raised 5 complaints in the first 3 weeks of taking the connections... 4 of them have been closed without being addressed... I reopened then and they again close... the saga still continues as i write this review....

Also, be ensure that the junction box from where the connection / line is drawn has back-up power arrangements.... else, in case of a power cut in the area, the internet will not work (you may have UPS back-up but it wont help).... I am facing this issue ....everytime there is a power cut, the internet stops working (I have a generator at home but the junction box from where I am given a connection does not have power backup.... Raised a complaint and they have closed it without addressing...

Have dropped emails etc... but nothing works...

In short... avoid ACT Broadband