Spectra now has 1gbps plans starting at Rs. 1061 (Rs. 1474 for unlimited data plan)


tbh. spectra is only required to provide 800mbps to their own node connected to the internet.


achieving 1gbps speeds require the network hardware and the computer hardware to be speedy enough to support the speeds. at peak speeds you are downloading 125 MB/s. your router, your networking cable, your computer's networking port, your computer's hard drive all have to support this speed. best way to try is to connect their cable directly to a computer with a gigabit ethernet port and a high quality ssd drive. there are tons of bottlenecks that would make it pretty hard in regular circumstances.


That I understand. But I assumed so that they can atleast provide till what the hardware can support. If its as bad as people describe in this thread even after upgrading their hardware then I would call that false advertising.

Also when I said particular conditions, I also meant server side speed to restricted from their side.


I downloaded "ubuntu-16.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso" (1.47GB) and the speed was increasing and by the time it reached 18.5 mBps, download finished (in a minute or so).

For better test results, please give link to a bigger file.


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are you sure your hardware is not bottlenecking you ? coz that speed on torrent is very very bad. i get those speed on excitels 75 Mbps plan. it should be 90 MB/sec considering its a gigabit connection and not 9 . fast.com speeds are also very bad.

for some reason i couldnt quote the guy above me. anyways

how is seedbox = shady stuff?

also just because you are happy with your 8 Mbps connection doesnt mean that a guy who is getting below 400 Mbps on a gigabit connection should be too thinking ohh hey 95% of indian population dont even get 10 Mbps so i should be happy that i am getting 400 here. NO!!! spectra is advertising this as a gigabit connection. so if people are not getting these advertised speeds even after their hardware being compatible and other factors in favor then they should complain. they have every right to complain.
I have a gigabit ethernet port. The idea of that screenshot was that torrents are not being throttled. You would rarely if ever get a 1gbps down speed even in the most well seeded torrents (including any major distro). The only way you could achieve that speed is by downloading multiple 4-5 GB well seeded files as with most smaller files, the torrent will finish downloading by the time you are connected to enough seeds and peers.

I tested downloading a dataraoom file from an FTP server and the speeds were 800-900mbps down. And that is the only usefulness that i can see of such large speeds. A speed of 100mbps is sufficient to stream 4k content on multiple devices.

I think one thing that most people don't realise is that even with google fiber, speeds vary acorss different testing sites. This was Google Fiber's speed on its own node - Speedtest.net by Ookla - My Results when it launched for example. Thing is, the upward you go from 100mbps, the less likely you will see a full 1gbps utilisation everywhere. Here are people discussing about Google Fiber on fast.com Infact Fast is probably the worst place to expect to show a 1gbps capacity.

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Lol yeah that's what I said quite a few posts back. Most downloads would finish before you reach full speeds.

I think one of the best ways to test it now, other than Speedtest servers, would be to download well seeded rainbow tables or the HD planets torrent for SpaceEngine.


That's unfortunate. It is a free game that provides an official torrent.

If anyone wants to test it you can Google it.

edit - It's because the site isn't HTTPS so Chrome is being stupid.