Spectra now has 1gbps plans starting at Rs. 1061 (Rs. 1474 for unlimited data plan)


I have DIR 825 and it does not go above 100 Mbps on 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz on my Redmi Note 4. Don't know if the limitation is because of mobile or router.
Do tell about the Ethernet speeds and range of 5Ghz band....
Try a device other than Redmi Note ...

mayank yadav

I really don't think they should promise 1Gbps symmetrical speed to everyone if they can't give it.
I wonder how this connection works with torrents.
Also can you do a test on www.testmy.net make sure you select the Bangalore server on the top right corner of the site.
Look out for the middle variance in the test result.


Not just Internet.
whatever you guys say, at price point anything above 500mbps is fair enough as we all know many web servers still have 100 mbps connectivity.
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saw their ad in my local sector market. spectra is available in one society that seems to exist in my area. used the chat feature. was told that it is not available in my area. guy did say that they are laying down cables so there's that. i do not see them laying down cables in my sector which has independent houses. i mean there are a lot of PGs but seriously, who would invest in hardware to properly utilize 1gbps speeds on multiple floors. most people seem to be happy with 820 rupee excitel plan.

especially considering the same plan is also being used by shops and pgs in my area. spectra is likely to not offer home plans to commercial users.


local market is now full of their brochures. it's possible that 1gbps would soon be available in my area. i am pretty happy with a 50mbps connection from excitel. what would i do with a 1gbps connection lol.

at this point i dont care about speed. as a user all i want is stability. that 1 gbps connection is useless if u cant watch streams without bufferings , download your stuff at 80-100 MB/sec, use your cctv cameras and stuff that require opening of ports , no packet loss etc etc.

imo a perfectly stable 100 Mbps connection is enough for a household for consumption for 1080p content and other activities.

on side note its great that you will be getting a 1Gbps connection . rejoice man


i would probably not get it. my local network is barely capable of handling 100mbps. i am not going to spend money to support 1gbps.

do they offer static ip? i do not remember any discussions regarding this. if they do at reasonable cost, i would be tempted.

seems unlikely because a lot of abuse is possible using static ip on a 1gbps connection :D