Spectra is no longer offering unlimited data on monthly plans (1gbps 500GB costs Rs. 1828 lol!)

They have changed their plans . And unlimited is now offered only if you take their 6 months or 12 months plan .. Just checked their site


Wow, that was quick. I hope I get to stay on the now legacy plan (ie at the time of next renewal, I had taken the quarterly option to get free installation) :confused:


so the new monthly plans (at least for my area) are as following:

100GB per month for Rs. 1061 per month
400GB per month for Rs. 6365 for six months (Rs. 1061 per month)

250GB per month for Rs. 1474 per month
unlimited data per month for Rs. 8843 for six months (Rs. 1474 per month)
unlimited data per month for Rs. 17686 for 15 months (Rs. 1180 per month)

500GB per month for Rs. 1828 per month
unlimited data per month for Rs. 10967 for six months (Rs. 1828 per month)
unlimited data per month for Rs. 21934 for 15 months (Rs. 1463 per month)


how does anything change by charging for 3 6 months in one go? they are taking 3K (2K is refundable though i assume?) at the time of connection installation. so it's not like people would get connected. use it for one month. and then stop renewing! this would only happen if they know that their services are going to such so much that people would not renew after one month lol.


i mean seriously. if you are worried about network abuse, at least have bandwidth limits starting at 1TB per month.
most of the data people consume these days is from services that can be peered locally so data transfer cost is very low.