Someone is threatening me legal action for partially paid gst bill

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I am getting updated....
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So here is what happened. I stay in Noida and my father ordered a roof top ventilator fan from Faridabad after seeing the seller online. The deal was settled for 2950 cost of fan including gst, 1200 installation and 2000 for freight when sent just for me.

My father paid 1500 as advanced through Google Pay and 2000 in cash for freight when the product was delivered yesterday. Although the van contained 5 other products to be delivered in Meerut.

Then, today the technician came for installation. Right when he opened the box, my father pointed out that the fan in not sitting flat but he said it will be adjusted during installation.

After installation the fan is rotating in elliptical shape and not rotating in single axis.

He says this is how it is and asking me to pay the balance. Although first he tried to say that it will be fixed by the technician but he could not.

So I sent the technician out of my house and refused to pay as he is not repairing the product installed.

The dealer asked technician to dial 100 and call police. Police came checked the issue and asked him to set the fan right and take the payment.

Now after all this, he is threatening to take matter to court.

His entity name as per GST portal is Thakurela Enterprises but on the bill it says Thakurela Enterprises 21-22. I think since the entity name is incorrect that makes the bill invalid.

What are my options?