Solution for frequent disconnection?

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I am using bsnl broadband in windows XP (Bridge mode). I have been frequently getting disconnections.
The led status of my modem UT-300R2U are :
Power : Steady
Status : Blinks always
Adsl: Steady , But when i see at the time of disconnection There wont be any signal.
Ethernet : Steady , Some times blinks(Found from my another friend that it blinks for him also in the same modem UT-300R2U )

I dont where the problem is ? I have been getting the frequent disconnections for last 5 days.
I have complained to BSNL officials atleast for 6 times. Yet they are to turn up. Is there any other solution?

The ADSL Status from are:
ADSL status shows the ADSL physical layer status.
ADSL Firmware Version: E.37.5.3
Line State: Showtime/Data
Modulation: -
Local/Remote Tx Power: 1.7 dB / 1.88 dB

Item Downstream Upstream Unit
SNR Margin 7.0db 6.0db dB
Line Attenuation 25.0db 30.5db dB
Loss of Signal 0 7339
CRC Errors 11905 42901
Data Rate 2048 Kbps 128 Kbps kbps
Latency Fast Fast


SNR Margin 7.0db 6.0db dB
Your SNR is below acceptable limits which is an indication of poor line conditions, get it checked.

Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR)

The SNR should be higher than 20 though anything above 10 is just enough. The Attenuation should be as low as possible. But if the attenuation starts going higher than 40 and SNR going down below 10, it is time to complain about the line condition to BSNL.

Check the Wires

The leading-in cable (drop wire) from the junction box (DP box) to your house should be as straight as possible, should be of a single length without any joints. The wires should not be coiled anywhere and should be away from electrical lines. With these types of irregularities, i.e with joints or coiled or near power cables, your phone might work fine but the DSL link may not hold and work satisfactorily.

Splitters and Parallel telephones

Never by-pass the splitter. The splitter does the job of separating the high frequency ADSL signals from low frequency telephone signals. If the splitter is not installed correctly, the broadband connection is likely to go down every time the phone rings. Any parallel phone connections should be after the splitter and not before it. The line from the exchange should first enter into the splitter’s Line jack. The phone should be connected only to the phone jack of the splitter. The ADSL modem should be connected to the modem/DSD jack of the splitter. A two way jack may be connected to this phone jack to install your parallel telephones. The wire leading into the modem should not be running parallel or close to electrical wiring.