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Hi, Ink, how do we know that the modem is not spoiling all the rates like snr attenuation etc, if it does not work correctly? I think that wwe must learn to produce out own modem to maintain these rates. We are residing at the same place, the telephone wire condition is the same for all days unless of course you ask them to change. That is also up to the house near post, where line to your connection with the dslam, or exchange starts.
Barring all the other things like roadways disturbances and underground cable connections all are the same each and every day.But our snr rates fluctuates drastically during times on the same day, there by affecting your speed.
So, i think that there is much more factors involved in the snr rate?
Would it be servers capacity at the main place? So many persons would have opted different plans and the load the users give to the server capacity etc.. may also changes our rate , i think so,
Experts give your opinion on this.
I am tired after exhausting all possible ways to maintain the speed and snr rate

Is the statistics show anything wrong
Attenuation Down Stream 30 Attenuation Up Stream 19 SNR Margin Down Stream 6.2 SNR Margin Up Stream 20.7
i noticed that snr margin of downstream or download is 6.2, where as that of upstream is 20.7. What it denotes.
are tge readings correct?

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