Sites access - timing out Issue

Hi Guys,

I recently took a new FTTH connection all of a sudden during the past 2 weeks certain sites have become inaccessible. I have played with DNS settings & MTU szie property on my TP-Link router. I have also approached the BSNL exchange (no use though).

Scenario: I could access most of the sites like,,, and many more. But I found access issues to following sites like,,private netbanking sites, utility payment sitses,few forums..These are the sites which I have discovered so for.

Preferred DNS server
Alternate DNS server
Preferred DNS server
Alternate DNS server
Preferred DNS server
Alternate DNS server
Preferred DNS server
Alternate DNS server
Preferred DNS server
Alternate DNS server
Preferred DNS server
Alternate DNS server

None of the above set of DNS entry worked when set on Router>DHCP

I also tried doing the ping test to identify optimal MTU size with values rangin from 1400(MTU1428) to 1470(MTU1498), everytime i got the same message: Packet needs to be fragmented but DF set

I have AONT 100C modem and TP-Link WR841N Wi-Fi router

The issue still persists. Can anyone help on this regard. with details on what should be DNS values on PC/Lapop and on router, with MTU values.

Thanks in advance
@harshikl Hi ...i tried connecting another neighbors laptop to my nerwork and I could open the above list of sites without any issues...But unfortunately the issue is still present on mobiles at my home, my laptop. any help?


@Views u can try resetting router or finally u can check if there is a problem with your device. If problems not solve u can complain @ pgportal hasn't twitter team help u out.
@harshikl thanks for your suggestions..I raised a BB complaint and got a call from local BSNL exchange, where the person suggested to try connecting laptop onto the ONT device through LAN cable and do a dial-up connection and then try accessing those sites and they asked how much time would I need to check, so that they would call back again to get the status..

I tried it and found to be working and informed them when they called me back promptly. Then they suggested me to try with MTU setting of 1462,1480,1492 and restart the router.

I first tried with 1462 and post reboot I tried to access one of the problematic site and found it to be responding and tried to check other sites though it failed.

Since it is confirmed as a problem with router, I called up the tp-link customer care and described the issue. The first solution they gave is to try setting with the MTU value of 1250 and reboot the router.

hurrah!!it worked and now I could access those blocked sites without hiccups. Hope this is a permanent solution.

I hope it would help someone at some point of time..

Final setup :
No DNS setting on Laptop
No DNS entry on router DHCP setting page
Only change was to the MTU value from default 1480 to suggested 1250 and a router reboot.

NOTE: when I tried different MTU size 1400 to 1470 all I did was ping test through command prompt with no router reboot. Same is the case when I tried many times with resetting the router to factory settings and reconfigurting it to the BSNL setting.