SIM Swapping Experience with Airtel and Vodafone


Oct 29, 2004
Got a new smartphone for dad (few months ago). Went to Vodafone (Mini) outlet. Asked for process. Was given a blank sim with instructions to send a sms from current sim. Did that. Number was transferred in less than 5 minutes.

Went to Airtel Store (company owned most likely). Asked for details. Was told to bring the phone with the original SIM. Went again with the SIM. They sent the message themselves. Told us to wait for a text to which we had to response with 1 (to confirm). SMS came in a few minutes. Sending 1 did not work. Went back to Airtel store. They did it again and were able to get a confirmation. Was informed that the process would take around 2 hours. Maybe more because systems were overloaded today because of festival (!). 2-3 later... SIM was functional. But I believe sms were not working. Tried getting OTP to link that number to MyAirtel app, did not work. Tried running the USSD code to check data balance. Again did not work.

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